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She Knows (2014) 1875 views

September 9, 2013. Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader talk about The Skeleton Twins with She Knows.

The Martian - Clip 2 2502 views

Annie Montrosse (Kristen Wiig) and the NASA board discuss how they will try to get Mark Watney home.

Saturday Night Live - Secret Word 33300 views

Character: Mindy Elise Grayson
Kristen Wiig played Broadway actress Mindy Elise Gra...

Saturday Night Live - Aunt Linda 14958 views

Character: Aunt Linda
Kristen Wiig played Amy Poehler's Aunt Linda, a movie critic ...

A Deadly Adoption - Teaser Trailer 681 views

Teaser trailer for the Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption.

Saturday Night Live - Amazon Kindle 26413 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the faux commercial for Amazon Kindle on Saturday Night Live.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2009) 9472 views

October 4, 2009. Kristen Wiig appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote the release of Whip It.

Adventureland - Clip 03 3313 views

Bobby (Bill Hader) goes after a boy who litters at his and Paulette's (Kristen Wiig) amusement park.

Girl Most Likely - Clip 2 4912 views

Lee (Darren Criss) walks in on Imogene (Kristen Wiig) as she's on the toilet.

All Good Things - Clip 02 5121 views

Katie (Kirsten Dunst) learns that she no longer has access to David's family money while on lunch with Laur...

Movies.IE (2011) 1108 views

Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd talk about Bridesmaids with Movies.IE.

New York Premiere of Girl Most Likely (2013) 11726 views

July 15, 2013. Kristen Wiig interviewed on the red carpet of the New York premiere of Girl Most Likely.

Date Night - Theatrical Trailer 3400 views

US theatrical trailer for Date Night.

Girl Most Likely - French Trailer 1237 views

French theatrical trailer for Girl Most Likely (Imogene).

The View (2011) 5554 views

May 13, 2011. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph appeared on The View to promote the release of Bridesmaids.