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Girl Most Likely - TV Spot "Moving Home" 2908 views

Television spot for Girl Most Likely, titled "Moving Home".

Bridesmaids - Featurette 01 1806 views

Featurette on the making of Bridesmaids.

Paul - Restricted Trailer 1269 views

The restricted theatrical trailer for Paul.

Saturday Night Live - Audition Sketch 19162 views

Kristen Wiig played actress Lizette Barnes, the angry woman from the "Toby" Stanley Steemer commercial who ...

Entertainment.IE (2011) 1335 views

Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd talk about Bridesmaids with Entertainment.IE.

The Hollywood Reporter (2012) 1824 views

September 8, 2012. Kristen Wiig and Christopher Fitzgerald talk about Imogene (now known as Girl Most Likel...

Saturday Night Live - Jar Glove 16371 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the faux commercial for Jar Glove on Saturday Night Live.

The View (2011) 5360 views

May 13, 2011. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph appeared on The View to promote the release of Bridesmaids.

Saturday Night Live - 1920's Party 31205 views

Character: Lilia
Kristen Wiig appeared as a 1920's woman very fond of the attention...

The Martian - TV Spot: "Still Alive" 3220 views

Television commercial for The Martian, titled "Still Alive".

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (2011) 6691 views

September 18, 2011. Kristen Wiig was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Saturday Night Li...

Saturday Night Live - Aunt Linda 23675 views

Character: Aunt Linda
Kristen Wiig played Amy Poehler's Aunt Linda, a movie critic ...

Friends with Kids - Restricted Trailer 5113 views

The restricted theatrical trailer for Friends with Kids.

AMC Theaters (2013) 3326 views

December 14, 2013. Kristen Wiig talks about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with AMC Theaters.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Extended Footage 1450 views

An extended look at The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.