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Friends with Kids - Clip 01 4144 views

Missy (Kristen Wiig) and Ben (Jon Hamm) are late for dinner and their friends are discussing why.

The Graham Norton Show (2013) Part 2 of 3 2327 views

June 21, 2013. Kristen Wiig and Steve Carrell appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote the release of ...

Arrested Development (2013) - Clip 3 7183 views

Kristen Wiig played the young version of Lucille Bluth in the episode 4.02 "Borderline Personalities".

Toronto International Film Festival - Imogene Premiere (2012) 10830 views

September 7, 2012. Kristen Wiig was interviewed by Access Hollywood at the world premiere of Imogene (now k...

Saturday Night Live - Bosley 14102 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the faux commercial for Bosley on Saturday Night Live.

Meet Bill - Clip 04 1643 views

Jane (Kristen Wiig) gives Bill (Aaron Eckhart), The Kid (Logan Lerman) and Lucy (Jessica Alba) a tour of a ...

Saturday Night Live - Paula Deen on Weekend Update 47521 views

Kristen Wiig appeared as "the queen of comfort food" Paula Deen on Weekend Update. Excerpt from season 37, ...

Saturday Night Live - Hollywood Dish 18763 views

Character: Anastasia Sticks
Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader appeared as the hosts of en...

The Zaz Report (2007) 1359 views

December 12, 2007. Kristen Wiig and Judd Apatow talk about Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story with The Zaz Report.

Paul - Clip 02 3090 views

Graeme (Simon Pegg) tries to convince Ruth (Kristen Wiig) to join his group on their adventure.

The Brothers Solomon - Clip 3 1268 views

Janine (Kristen Wiig) is upset over the fact that the brothers have no idea how to raise a baby.

ABC News - Seriously Funny (2011) 6576 views

April 25, 2011. Kristen Wiig promoted Bridesmaids and Saturday Night Live on ABC News' Seriously Funny.

Extra (2012) 3989 views

January 15, 2012. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo were interviewed by Extra's Mario Lopez on the red carpet a...

Screen Slam (2013) 1737 views

December 14, 2013. Kristen Wiig talks about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Screen Slam.

Zoolander 2 - Interview 286 views

A compilation of interview clips to promote the release of Zoolander 2.