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Anchorman 2 - Interview 1858 views

A compilation of interview clips to promote the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

The Spoils of Babylon - Trailer 4431 views

Trailer for The Spoils of Babylon.

1st Annual Comedy Awards - Press Room (2011) 3045 views

March 26, 2011. Kristen Wiig is interviewed in the press room after winning for Best TV Actress. (2010) 1266 views

Kristen Wiig and the cast of MacGruber talk about the movie on

Bridesmaids - Clip 08 9886 views

Annie (Kristen Wiig) tries to get Rhodes' (Chris O'Dowd) attention by doing crazy stuff in her car.

Saturday Night Live - Crab Blast 2012 36497 views

Kristen Wiig played Jolene in this Crab Blast 2012 sketch. Excerpt from season 37, episode 14.

Meet Bill - Theatrical trailer 1023 views

US theatrical trailer for Meet Bill.

The Graham Norton Show (2013) Part 3 of 3 7194 views

June 21, 2013. Kristen Wiig and Steve Carrell appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote the release of ...

MacGruber - Clip 06 2547 views

Vicki (Kristen Wiig) joins MacGruber (Will Forte) and Lt. Piper (Ryan Phillippe) on their team.

Saturday Night Live - Kristen Wiig's Farewell 103262 views

The cast of Saturday Night Live said goodbye to Kristen Wiig by each sharing a last dance with her. Excerpt...

30 Rock - Clip 1 8567 views

Kristen Wiig played Candace Van der Shark, an actress who appeared in the Lifetime original movie "A Dog To...

Paul - Clip 01 5114 views

Ruth (Kristen Wiig) meets Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) for the first time.

Saturday Night Live - Secret Word 19414 views

Character: Mindy Elise Grayson
Kristen Wiig played Broadway actress Mindy Elise Gra...

Screen Team Media (2011) 1522 views

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph talk about Bridesmaids with Screen Team Media.

Paul - Theatrical Trailer 1249 views

US theatrical trailer for Paul.