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Adventureland - Clip 02

01:06 minutes  /  2240 views

Bobby (Bill Hader) gives James (Jesse Eisenberg) tips on how to comment the horse races with greater enthus...

Paul - Theatrical Trailer

02:32 minutes  /  1107 views

US theatrical trailer for Paul.

The Brothers Solomon - Featurette

01:41 minutes  /  1354 views

Featurette on the making of the film, featuring interviews with director Bob Odenkirk and Kristen Wiig.

ABC Emmys Special (2012)

01:15 minutes  /  1643 views

September 29, 2012. Kristen Wiig was interviewed by ABC on the red carpet at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy...

Wet Hot American Summer - Clip 1

00:13 minutes  /  1499 views

Courtney (Kristen Wiig) watches Camp Firewood's musical Electro City through a pair of binoculars.

How to Train Your Dragon - Theatrical Trailer

02:25 minutes  /  1062 views

US theatrical trailer for How to Train Your Dragon.

Girl Most Likely - TV Spot "Moving Home"

00:30 minutes  /  2743 views

Television spot for Girl Most Likely, titled "Moving Home".

The Martian - Clip 2

00:57 minutes  /  540 views

Annie Montrosse (Kristen Wiig) and the NASA board discuss how they will try to get Mark Watney home.

Walk Hard - Theatrical Trailer

03:56 minutes  /  864 views

US theatrical trailer for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

Anchorman 2 - International Teaser Trailer

01:00 minutes  /  1436 views

International teaser trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

Date Night - Clip 02

02:05 minutes  /  7233 views

Haley (Kristen Wiig) and Claire (Tina Fey) talk about Haley's divorce and why she enjoys being single.

The Brothers Solomon - Clip 6

02:19 minutes  /  2840 views

Janine (Kristen Wiig) finally gives birth to the baby.

Saturday Night Live - NasaFlu

01:41 minutes  /  18941 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the faux commercial for NasaFlu on Saturday Night Live.

Masterminds - Theatrical Trailer

02:29 minutes  /  733 views

US theatrical trailer for Masterminds.

Saturday Night Live - Secret Word

05:08 minutes  /  25203 views

Character: Mindy Elise Grayson
Kristen Wiig played Broadway actress Mindy Elise Gra...