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Saturday Night Live - Amy Adams Monologue

05:45 minutes  /  2832 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the monologue held by Amy Adams during the 2014 Christmas show. Excerpt from seaso...

Saturday Night Live - Bill Hader Monologue

05:13 minutes  /  7841 views

Kristen Wiig appeared in the monologue held by Bill Hader as he hosted Saturday Night Live for the first ti...

Saturday Night Live - Audition Sketch

05:13 minutes  /  13146 views

Kristen Wiig played actress Lizette Barnes, the angry woman from the "Toby" Stanley Steemer commercial who ...

Saturday Night Live - Opening Monologue

04:43 minutes  /  13130 views

The opening monologue from Kristen Wiig's first time as a host of Saturday Night Live. Excerpt from season ...

Saturday Night Live - Behind the Scenes of Promo Spot

03:54 minutes  /  7380 views

A look behind the scenes on Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen as they film the promo spot for Kristen's first t...

Saturday Night Live - Horror Movies Girl

00:34 minutes  /  8961 views

Kristen Wiig appeared as the helpless girl from horror movies during host Steve Buscemi's opening monologue...

Women of SNL - Promo Outtake

00:15 minutes  /  7485 views

Kristen Wiig promotes the Saturday Night Live special The Women of SNL in this outtake from the promo video.

Saturday Night Live - Santa's My Boyfriend

02:37 minutes  /  13413 views

Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph sang the Christmas song Santa's My Boyfriend in the cold opening...

Saturday Night Live - D*ck in a Box

02:42 minutes  /  9556 views

Kristen Wiig appeared as one of the girlfriends in this instant-classic Digital Short. Excerpt from season ...

Saturday Night Live - Martin Short Opening Monologue Cameo

00:37 minutes  /  7867 views

Kristen Wiig made a surprise cameo during the opening monologue by Martin Short. Excerpt from season 38, ep...

Saturday Night Live - Tell Him

04:59 minutes  /  26365 views

The women in the cast of Saturday Night Live performed the musical number "Tell him" with host Anna Faris. ...

Saturday Night Live - Flirting expert Rebecca Larue

03:11 minutes  /  195818 views

Kristen Wiig played the flirting expert Rebecca Larue in a segment of Weekend Update. Excerpt from season 3...

Saturday Night Live - Kristen Wiig's Farewell

04:25 minutes  /  94940 views

The cast of Saturday Night Live said goodbye to Kristen Wiig by each sharing a last dance with her. Excerpt...

Saturday Night Live - Happy Anniversary

04:34 minutes  /  24922 views

Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill sings I'll C U When U Get There by Coolio for their characters' anniversary.

Saturday Night Live - The House Sitter

04:42 minutes  /  56246 views

Kristen Wiig and Lindsay Lohan appeared in this sketch about a woman terrified of a prank caller. Excerpt f...